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If you are an experienced seller or and investor, you do not need an agent telling you what to do. What you do need is the MLS, Listing automation, Showing automation and instant offer notification tools

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Simply search your address to see the value of your home. Every home is unique so adjust your value based on condition and features and set your price.

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Tell us about your home through simple drop down questions, set your showing preference and your seller dashboard begins to come alive.


Our team reviews all of your information and we create your MLS page. Your home is not only listed on the MLS, but hundreds of other sites such as Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, etc.


Get real time alerts when any offer is submitted via Text and Email. Counters or accepting offers are fast and simple and all offers are always reviewed by your iList Agent.

Automate Showings

Free Showing Time account for secure automated showings and feedback from buyers

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